Child care workers are worth more.

Parents in Ontario deserve access to high-quality and affordable child care provided by workers who are treated with respect.

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With a provincial child care staffing shortage and workers leaving the sector on masse, a provincial workforce strategy is needed now to create a universal system of child care and early learning.

For Ontario child care to be high-quality and successful, workers need:

A $25 wage floor

Higher wages are part of the solution to Ontario’s growing worker shortage. When workers feel valued for their work, they’re more likely to stay. Child care workers & ECEs who are treated with respect are better able to provide high-quality services to families.

Paid sick days

Paid sick days makes workplaces safer and healthier for everyone.

Professional development time

Employees who have access to paid professional development can apply new skills and knowledge to help children and families thrive in Ontario. Education is a power for good and encourages employees to stay and reach their full potential at work.

Paid programming time

Child care doesn’t just happen—it takes skill, dedication, and careful planning. Workers need time to plan age-appropriate learning experiences for Ontario’s future generations.